What is NRC Full Form and NRC?


Protests by people living in India continue on the NRC Full Form National Register of Citizenship

Due to which a confusion has arisen among the people whether to support or oppose the NRC and the most important question is whether the NRC should be held all over India? Citizens of India will decide this, but what do you tell me is NRC? I want to provide some information about it.


What is NRC Full Form?

Many people probably do not know what is NRC full form and what is nrc meaning. Let us understand this once.

What is NRC?

NRC – National Citizen Register is a register of every Indian citizen in which data of all citizens is prepared. Guidelines are issued by the Government of India for NRC which comes under The Citizenship Act 1955 and it is amended by the Government of India from time to time. Right now some amendments were made in this year 2005 and last update 2015, 2019 also.

Why is there an NRC assam dispute?

The nrc assam agreement was signed between the Government of India and the All Assam Students Union and other state organizations in 1985 as East Pakistan came to an end on 25 March 1971 to form the new country Bangladesh.

What is NRC assam?

For your information, let me tell that there used to be movement of people through Assam State and Bangladesh border, for which nrc assam was signed, in which it was agreed that before 25 March 1971, all citizens would have to give their documents, so that it Prove that he or his ancestors belong to the state of Assam.

Because the process of NRC assam is progressing almost slowly towards end in which about 19.70 lakh people could not prove their citizenship in Assam.

NRC – National Register of Citizens!

On the one hand, the current Indian Home Minister Amit Shah insisted on getting the nrc all over India by 2022 before the Indian government could solve it well if the number was too large.

Ask all citizens of India whether you oppose the NRC or support the NRC.
For this, you can select your vote and tell it.

From the above nrc full form in the above article, by now you must have understood what is NRC and why was NRC assam necessary?

Whether nrc should be implemented all over India or not, please tell your opinion through vote. And share as many people as possible so that you get its results here.

Thank you !
Jai Hind


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