What is Jan Seva Kendra? How to open a public service center?


Today I am going to tell you about the benefits through Jan Seva kendra in this article and how to earn money from CSC or Jan Seva Kendra. You can start employment for yourself and earn good money.

CSC, Jan Seva Kendra or Jan Suvidha Kendra may confuse you to read or listen but in reality it is the same and belongs to / in the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology yet successfully in rural urban areas with the help of partner Jan Seva Kendra has been opened.

CSC Scheme

To provide direct services to the citizens of India under the Digital India program, the Common Service Center Scheme has been launched, which is a mission mode project of the Government of India.
Through the Common Service Center, citizens living in rural and urban areas are provided with government schemes and government facilities, public utility services, financial services, health services, agricultural services and social welfare schemes for citizens at the Jan Seva Kendra. The main point to reach the masses is the Jan Seva Kendra has been implemented throughout India so that the citizen digital forms and services can be made easier.

In Jan Seva Kendra, apart from these facilities, you can also buy goods used in public use, which is called b2c business to citizenship. In this way, Common Service Center or Jan Seva Kendra is also called e-Seva Kendra.

What is CSC 2.0 Scheme?

Based on the evaluation of the Common Service Center (CSC) or Jan Seva Kendra scheme, the Government of India launched the CSC 2.0 scheme for the expansion of these centers in 2015 with the objective of at least one in 2.5 lakh gram panchayats in India by 2019. The goal is to set up a service center.

Through this vast network of Jan Seva Kendra, all citizens of India can get the benefit of digital service or e-services and government schemes can be made accessible to the people through G2C Government to Citizen.

CSC 2.0 Keyfeatures

Creating huge network of Jan Seva Kendras in 2.5 lakh gram panchayats by the year 2019
Providing e-services through a single delivery platform
Providing local helpdesk
Making VLE self-reliant through maximum commission sharing
Making most women self-reliant by making VLEs

What is CSC SPV?

CSC e-Governance Services India Limited, Special Purpose Vhicle (SPV) has been set up by the Ministry of Electronics & InformationTechnology to oversee all the operations of the CSC scheme under the Companies Act, 1956. CSC SPV works to run the e-services plans properly and look at all the planning related arrangements and provide stability to the schemes. Develops Centrilized and Supported Structure to provide e-services to all citizens through CSC.

CSC Partner

Common Service Center (CSC) is among the ambitious schemes of the Government of India, which is managed by 4 Pillars to run successfully. With the help of these four pillars, the e-governance plan is being successfully carried out to all citizens of India. Let us try to learn about these 4 Pillars.

State Development Agency (SDA)

SDA works under the state government whose work is to run and expand the CSC scheme in the state in addition to SDA, to set up CSC and select all those places to raise awareness among the people. Cooperate.

Central Ministry & Agency

As I mentioned, the CSC scheme has been prepared by the Ministry of Electronics Information & Technology and in addition to it the other major ministries and the central agency concerned are also included in it.

CSCs Central Ministries List

Ministry of Minority Affairs
Ministry of Corporate Affairs
National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)
Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF)
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Ministry of Communications
Finance ministry
Ministry of Panchayati Raj
Ministry of Women and Child Development
Ministry of Minority Affairs
Ministry of Law and Justice
Ministry of Textiles

Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs)

Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs) make the biggest contribution to make Jan Seva Kendra successful in credibility and make all schemes accessible to the masses. Which are also known as CSC Operator. All these VLEs are active so far in 1.63 lakh gram panchayats, numbering about 2.70 lakhs. This vast VLE network is providing various types of e-services to all the citizens present in villages, small towns and gram panchayats. Apart from this, all these VLEs are establishing themselves with good income through financial support in employment and entrepreneurship.

CSC Partner Banks

CSC SPV has shipped partnerships with 42 public and private and rural regional banks to make CSC easier for all types of banking and financial services for citizens and CSC or Jan Seva Kendra can become a premier center for regional citizens.



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