What is FASTag – Fastag? How does FASTag work?


What is FASTag Registration in India

FASTag remains a topic of discussion in India under which four wheelers have been made for automatic payment through electronic toll collection at highway toll plaza. Because the FASTag scheme has been implemented to eliminate unnecessary hassles on the highway toll plaza. The entire article of FASTag kya hai hindi has been told in simple language so that you can understand quickly. How does FASTag work,


What is fastag?

It is often seen that due to the maximum load on toll plazas and manual toll collection system, there are a lot of problems due to which traffic on toll plazas is always busy and more time is wasted.
To eliminate the hassles caused by this manual toll collection system, the “National Electronic Toll Collection – NETC” system has been started by the National Highway Authority of India.

The National Electronic toll collection system is also known as FASTag. The FASTag scheme was first introduced in India in the year 2014. The FASTAG scheme was started as a pilot phase project at the toll plaza from Ahmedabad to Mumbai.
With the facility of FASTag, your vehicle can pay toll tax without any hassle on the highway toll plaza and can save unnecessary traffic and time wastage. You are able to pay toll tax on the toll plaza through automatic electronic toll collection by fastening your vehicle. You can buy this fastag through official FASTag agency and all authorized bank. How does FASTag work,

Benefits of Fastag

Save Fuel and Time

When engaged in a FASTag vehicle, there is no need to stop at the toll plaza for cash transactions as the FASTag receives signals through the RFID reader. When your vehicle comes in contact with the toll plaza, it automatically deducts the toll amount. You can save a lot of time and fuel.

FASTag is the online facility of topup or recharge which you can do through credit card / debit card / NEFT / RTGS, net banking or UPI App.

Cashless Facility – Cashless Facility

There is no cash payment of any kind at the toll plaza on the FASTag vehicle.

Cashback Facility – Cashback Facility
Cashback facility is provided through online portal on top-up FASTag recharge. These cashbacks can vary according to authorized agency or banking. How does FASTag work.

What is the benefit from fastag

With the Fastag facility, the traffic on the highway can be eliminated to a great extent, due to which you will avoid wasting a lot of time. With Fatag we will be able to make payments on the highway toll plaza without stopping. You will be able to buy petrol from the petrol pump in the city and rural areas and will also be able to pay the parking fee through Fastag.

Fastag Benifits

Payments can be made easily via FASTag
Toll payment process becomes easier
Payments can be made non-stop at the toll plaza
Problems like paying toll cash can be avoided.
FASTag will save time
FASTag can be recharged online through Net Banking Credit Card / Debit Card / NEFT / RTGS or UPI
Toll transaction and min. On getting the balance, information is received through sms alert
All information available on the online portal
5 years validity in FASTag
FASTag Online recharge offers cashback on top-up
Benefit the environment
Air pollution reduction
Least use of paper
Low toll collection related problem
Better highway management
Having maximum economic benefit

FASTag – Electronic toll collection technology kya hai?

How to make fastag

Now the question is what is Fastag and how will Fastag be made and where do we have to go for it, then I tell you that you do not need to go anywhere to build Fastag, but you can apply from home and at home. You can order it and get face pack top up or fastag recharge through online, you can understand it in the following article.

How to buy Fastag?

As I have told that you can buy or buy Fastag sitting at home, for this you have to go to any bank’s website, where you already get the menu of Fastag, by clicking it, you fill all the details requested. After this, you have to fill the details of the car or the details of the vehicle.

Apart from this, your vehicle registration certificate and driving license has to be uploaded and submitted.

In this way, Fastag comes to the address given by you through courier in 2 to 3 days after submitting the Fastag online form and you place it on the front glass of your car.

Where is Fastag working in India?

The electronic toll collection has been in use in the European countries for a long time and was first implemented in the year 2014 from India, it was selected from Pilot Phase to Highway Toll Plaza Road from Ahmedabad to Mumbai which is one of the best highway roads. .

After this, the Chennai to Bangalore Highway toll plaza route was chosen for the second phase and it was opened for Fastag in the year 2015, thus gradually it has been implemented on about 421 highway toll plazas.

When is Fastag starting in India?

Fastrack will be open for every toll plaza after 15 December 2019 across India. How does FASTag work,



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