What is Amazon Fire TV Stick?


Television program has been expanded through Amazon fire TV stick. Apart from this, with the help of amazon fire tv stick, you can watch the latest shows, movies and series on these, for which you do not have to spend extra money.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

What is Amazon Fire TV Stick?

This is Amazon’s best selling product. It was launched on April 2017 amazon fire TV Stick gives your ordinary television a new and global experience of watching a new modern television program.

This is one of the latest gadgets of amazon which shows your television in the best HD quality. Amazon Fire TV Stick is most popular among Western countries and its popularity is increasing day by day in India too. Amazon Fire TV Stick is a type of device that looks like a dongle because it is placed in the HDMI port, so it can also be called amazon fire tv HDMI dongle.

This device can see your favorite program and channel through wifi connectivity as it connects the Amazon Fire TV Stick device to your TV via the Internet, so it turns your television experience into an even more smart TV. .

Amazon Fire TV Stick Setting & Features?

With the help of its device, you can enjoy watching all types of channels and other streaming videos in HD quality. To use Amazon Fire TV Stick you must have a good internet connection because without good internet speed it will not work. Let me explain you some of its best features.

One of the best features in Amazon Fire TV Stick is data monitoring in which you can manage your Internet data. If you do not want to download or download any services or program, then for this you can disable it with the help of Data Monitoring features so that the data used in the Internet can be saved from maximum use. If you set the Internet to a limited option for any content, then the same data can be used.

What is the difference between Amazon Prime & Amazon Fire TV Stick Price?

If you use amazon prime, Netflix, Airtel TV, Hulu TV, ZEE5, SonyLiv, Eros Now, Voot and other mobile features, then you have to pay monthly membership fee. And for this all services you have to pay different monthly membership fee. Whereas, for amazon fire TV stick you have to pay only once, which is given annually. To subscribe to amazon prime, you have to pay monthly Rs.129, in which you can watch many channels and streaming videos. There are many other benefits of Amazon Prime subscription.

What are the features in Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote

Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote has alexa voice feature enabled, which makes it one of the best and latest remote gadgets, there is an icon on its top side which gives you more options when pushed.

With the help of this icon, you are able to search the program such as search by actor, search by movies, search by director, search by Genere, Amazon Original, etc. Options are also available in addition, Play, Stop, Pause in amazon fire tv stick remote Is a Resume, while you can also see a program by Forward and Back. There is also a setting button with the help of which the program can be controlled and managed.

What else happens with the Amazon Fire TV Stick Device?

Amazon Fire TV Stick is very easy to use, it comes in a packed box, in which you are given some other useful items for free besides amazon fire tv stick. Let us know what happens in the box.
amazon fire tv stick device
amazon fire tv stick remote (Alexa Voice)
8 GB Internal Memory
Power adapter
Manual Guide

What is Amazon Fire TV Stick Offer?

You used to get it till 3999 till now, but during the festive season in October 2019, its price had dropped significantly and was available at that time or 2599. If we talk about the current price, then it is available in two types of devices in which it comes in Normal HD and 4K / Ultra HD, both of which are currently priced at 2999 and 5999 respectively.

You can see here for the latest offer for Amazon Fire TV Stick.

The amazon fire tv stick is enabled with Bluetooth 4.1 / 5.1 + LE, Dolby audio, Quad Core 1.3 / 1.7 GHz and 8 GB Internal Memory.

How to use amazon fire tv stick?

To use Amazon Fire TV Stick, you have HDMI PORT on the back side in your TV. Plug the amazon fire tv stick device into this port, then connect the power adapter to the port in the amazon fire tv stick device. To do.

With which the Amazon Fire TV Stick device will continue to get proper power and then have to connect and activate with the help of internet connectivity or WiFi and now it is ready to work fully. Now you can enjoy amazon fire tv stick.

If your TV does not have HDMI PORT, then for this you attach a separate HDMI Extender so that it works in your TV. You can also use mobile hotspots for internet connectivity.

How to buy Amazon Fire TV Stick in India?

To purchase Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can buy direct from amazon India portal, if you search some of its offers or discounts, then you will get all this on amazon India, yet you can also order it from other shopping portal. . Apart from this, you can also purchase amazon fire tv stick from a showroom or a TV shop.


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