Moral Story


Hello friends, today I am going to tell you a story related to life which will serve as a motivation for you in many ways. The end of the story is in a moral story Hindi which gives a precious message to all of us that in our life we If everything should be implemented, let’s start the story.

Moral Story

Moral Story – Why worry about tomorrow?

This story is about a Seth living in India who is very rich, his richness is such that whenever he is at the shop or sitting at the shop, no one works for himself. There are different servants who work for him all day long and Seth is spending his life with fun because Seth has no work to do So he would come and sit in the shop during the day, eat and drink and then go home. At home he would happily spend time with Sethani and the children. In this way Sethji’s life went on without any trouble.

It is a matter of a day that he thinks sitting at his shop that I have so much work and there are so many servants to do it, let’s see how much money I have made so far. So he calls his bookkeeper and tells me to tell me how much money I get from all business and how much money I have got.

The bookkeeper says, Seth ji, I will report to you all the information sought till tomorrow, saying that the bookkeeper goes away.

Now Sethji’s heart became sad due to such questions and Sethji started getting very upset. Before evening, he walked to the house and remained confused throughout the way and became even more depressed upon reaching home.

Earlier, whenever Sethji used to reach home, he used to spend time with Sethani happily but today he was very depressed and did not even talk to Sethani.

Sethani did not say anything even after asking Seth ji a lot and slept without eating food, this sequence continued for several days. One day Sethani insisted that you tell me the reason for your problem, then she told all the trouble. Sethani said, I have a solution for this.

Sethji immediately said, tell me quickly, Sethani said that a Baba ji has come at some distance and diagnose the problems of everyone.

You should also go to them for your problem.

Sethji understood Sethani’s suggestion and Sethji immediately got ready for this and said that he would not go to the shop the next day, but would go to meet Baba first.

The next day, Sethji arrives at Baba’s place to meet Baba. After waiting for some time there comes his number, then go to Baba and explain the reason for his problem and ask that Baba tell me what will happen to my eighth generation?

Baba tells that the last village in the nearby village is a hut which is in a very shabby state and an old Amma lives alone in that hut she has no one. She does not even have ration to eat, somehow she is living her old age. If you are able to go there and donate some ration to oldie Amma’s house, then I will definitely solve your problem.

Sethji says that Baba ji is a very small work,

I will go to meet the old Amma tomorrow and donate ration to her, saying that Sethji comes back to the house and orders his servant the next day to quickly quintal flour and Other food items have to be transported to the village and Sethji himself arrives in the same village from the other car. Upon reaching the last hut, Sethji knocks and the elderly woman comes out.

Sethji introduces himself to the elderly lady and says that mother, I have brought 1 quintal flour and some other ingredients for you too, keep it with me because I know that you do not have ration to eat and Sethji it It is also said that if you need anything other than this, then definitely tell me, I will make all the arrangements for you.

She sees Sethji, an elderly woman, and smilingly says that I have eaten today, so I do not need it. Sethji again says, Mother, this ration will manage your food for several days and you will not have to go astray to make food. That elderly woman still refuses. Sethji gets into a lot of confusion because Sethji only has to donate the ration, so he again tells the elderly woman that mother should not keep half the ration. That elderly woman still refuses.

Because Seth ji has to give ration in some way,

he prays to the old lady that mother, I have brought this ration for you from far away, keep only a few days out of it. The elderly woman still refuses to take ration. Sethji again says that mother, you should keep only half a kilo and some work will be done for tomorrow. The elderly woman again refuses. Being tired, Sethji asks what is the reason, mother that you are not taking ration for me even tomorrow.

Elderly woman says that today’s food has been arranged by the upstairs, in the same way, he will arrange food for tomorrow also. Why should I bother today for tomorrow’s meal?

Now Sethji understands everything that why Baba ji has sent me here? Sethji also finds a solution to his problem that why should be worried about the future generation from today, like the above has arranged for me to eat seven generations, similarly the eighth generation will also be managed.

The moral story of this story is very simple that we all are worried about our tomorrow and do not consider today important. In this way, we spend our whole life just to make good tomorrow. Whereas it should be that the present or present time is important and we should all pay attention to it and thank you happily today. Therefore, instead of worrying about tomorrow, today should live worry-free.

Thank you !


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