Binomo – Minimum Deposit Binary Options


What is Binomo?

Primarily, Binomo is the most popular application for binary options that provides you with the money making features of international brokers, due to which you have a better chance of earning money in binary option and all this in seconds or minutes. Is possible in


This International Broker provides you with the right opportunity to place bets on falling or rising markets with effective binary options. Binomo mainly gives you the chance to earn the highest profit in a short time interval. Apart from this, it provides more than 200 options for investing.

Binomo Office Address

Binomo was launched in 2014 and is based in Seychelles. The official company of Binomo is Tiburon Corporation Limited which is effectively running Binomo binary options through website and application and different branches of Binomo binary options are also available in all countries around the world.

Binomo’s other company is Stagord Resources Ltd. Its second address is Nicosia Cyprus, which is located on the fourth floor of the Irene Building.
Currently the most active country for Binomo binary options, it is possible to trade Binomo invests trade here. Indonesia, India, China, Asia and Brazil are on the list of most active countries. Professional brokers are regulated by the International Financial Commission (IFC) and are also CROFR certified.

Binomo Contact & Support

As Binomo’s client base is growing rapidly, so more and more offers and services for Binomo Business are also continuously increasing.

On Binomo you can also get in touch via Skype, email and live chat. In this you also get telephonic support. All these services are available for 24X7. On which you can contact the problem.

Apart from this, you should also have knowledge about Binary Binary Option. So let’s understand this as well.

Binomo: Option Trading

Whenever any share price in the stock market is opened for public exchange, people start buying and selling it. You do all this through Option Trading.

In Option Trading, you buy any stock price at a lower price and when the stock price rises, you sell it back to the Stock Trader or Public Exchange. The rise and fall of any stock price depends on your estimate. No one can even determine it.
It has a much higher risk than stock trading, whereas unlike stock trading, you get returns of investments soon.

Binomo Accounts Types

Binomo provides you 4 types of accounts, which the user can use in different ways. If you want to use Binomo App then you must have information about these four types of account.

Types of Binomo Account

Binomo’s team facilitates binary options trading through different account types which gives a very low barrier to entry in this financial industry. These include demo, standard, gold and VIP accounts. Let’s take a look at these accounts offered. Below you have been told about Binomo Account, so let’s understand.

Binomo Demo Account – Demo Account

As soon as you open an account by logging in Binomo, it gives you the option of a demo account on which you can practice. Binomo Demo Account is a great option for training, in which you can trade without any minimum deposit. Now know what kind of benefits you get in Demo Account.

All of the features of the Binomo platform get a chance to watch and practice live without making a minimum deposit.

You get the facility of filling virtual money in your Binomo Demo Account at any time, up to an amount of $ 1,000, € 1,000 or ₹ 65,000.

In this, you are given a Demo Account like a standard account which you practice and process like buying and selling live in stock trading. You can understand all types of investment, profit and loss through practice.

Binomo Standard Account – Standard Account

This account will not be free. In my opinion this is a suitable account for all trading, whether you are a beginner or an experienced trading. The reason for this is that you can start trading with less than 10 dollars.

By subscribing to a Standard Account you gain access to the most liquid assets, and experience the true potential of the Binomo trading platform, and most importantly make a profit. With a standard account, you can start trading for as little as $ 1 per trade. You are eligible to participate in trading competitions. Can also withdraw benefits within 3 working days and enjoy a wide range of bonuses.

Binomo Gold Account – Gold Account

A minimum of $ 500 is required to be deposited in a Gold Account. Apart from the above, Gold Account holders get a wide range of assets to choose from, a withdrawal time period of up to 24 hours to withdraw money, increased bonus, weekly cashback amount of 5% with advice and analytical support .

Binomo VIP Account – VIP Account

People who are more serious about trading require a minimum deposit of $ 1,000 in a VIP account. VIP account gives you a bonus of up to 100% for all the above beneficiaries, up to 87% of business benefits, withdrawals in less than 4 hours and weekly cash-back of 10%. This gives you access to all assests on the trading platform.

Despite the proprietary trading platform offering a VIP account, deposits are still low compared to other brokers who have larger accounts but require much larger deposits. Low deposits further indicate that this broker is a great option for those who are new to trading.

Binomo Registration – How To Signup Binomo

How to sign up in Binomo Option Trading Platform. Let us now consider it step by step.

Step 1: First of all you have to click on Binomo Website.

Step 2: Now you get the initial registration form which has to be filled and then click “open account for free”

Step 3: After doing this, the initial binary options will be redirected to the verification page of the trading account.

Now you have to fill all the personal information asked here. After doing this, you can easily open the account by clicking on “Open real account” in it.

Payout or Leverage

In Binomo you get a bonus as a bonus. The company is offering 10 options in the amount of $ 150. This Binomo service is an offer for all new traders in India. Bonuses have been allocated to them in various types of accounts.

To know more about such bonus, visit the link of Binomo accounts type. Follow this link to get more information about bonuses and offers. The maximum payout is 95%.

Promotions & Bonuses

After joining Binomo you should do full practice on the demo account and only then use it. After getting used to the demo account you should do live trading. Before trading live, you have to make a minimum deposit for which some steps are given.

Step 1: Now you have to add amount. You can choose the maximum amount from the minimum. Now you have to click on make the payment.

Step 2: After this it redirects you to the payment gateway page which is protected by security protocols.

Step 3: Now you have to fill some information on the payment page and click on transfer of funds.

In this way the funds get added to your trading account and Binomo bonus is also available.

Binomo bonus

How much is Binomo deposit bonus. For all types of promotions, see Binomo website.

Deposit and withdrawal options

Payments and withdrawals can be made using Visa, Mastercard and Maestro in Binomo. Other options for making other payments in Binomo can be from Neteller, Qiwi wallet and Crypto Currencies range. I recommend Neteller for deposit options to Indian traders.


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